All Your Orders – Analyzed! (October 2018)


It's been awhile since we last shared the stats and analysis of your orders - or any other updates on the blog, really. 

We've been getting a lot comments from customers saying that they had enjoyed what we shared on the blog and kept on asking us to revive it. So here we are - reviving it from the dead!

Funny how it's always you guys that keeps pushing us to do what we do. So, keep at it - keeps us on our toes.

Anyway, I disgress - this post is about breaking down what you guys ordered in the month of October 2018 and our take on it!

As you know, we serve customizable stir-fries where we let you choose the four main ingredients - Carbs, Proteins, Vegetables and our very own delicious unique sauces. With that, there's over 2,000 possible combinations that you could actually make!

Here's What You Ordered in October 2018..


Salted Egg (28%)
Kam Heong (24%)
Mango S. Chilli  (19%)
Tom Yum (16%)
Green Curry (9%)
Asam Pedas (4%)

Let's start with the sauces - the one that truly makes us a unique!

The reigning champion still remains with our Salted Egg sauce!

It's been the favourite since we first introduced it (back when we were still a pop-up!) to this day.

But of course, there's been a lot iterations to the recipe based on all your feedback

#1 Best Seller - Salted Egg!

The second most popular used to be Mango Sweet Chilli, which has now been overtaken by Kam Heong.

The top 3 sauces collectively make up 71% of the total orders.


White Rice (31%)
Brown Rice (26%)
Yellow Noodles (17%)
Kway Teow (16%)
Laksa (10%)

It's official - we Malaysians LOVE our rice! More than half (57% to be exact) of your orders were either White or Brown rice.

What's particularly interesting is the difference in choice when it comes to Noodles between our Subang and Bangsar outlets.

Best Selling Noodles (by Outlet)

Yellow Noodles


Kway Teow


As you can see, Yellow Noodles is more popular in Bangsar with Kway Teow coming in second at 12%.

While Kway Teow is more popular in Subang at 19% and Yellow Noodles came in second with 12%.

From our observation, our Subang outlet serves more locals, while our Bangsar outlet serves a more international demographics - which seem to prefer Yellow Noodles.


Chicken (37%)
Beef (27%)
Prawns (20%)
Squid (10%)
Tofu (4%)
Cockles (2%)

No surprises here, Chicken has always been the most popular ever since we started and to be honest, the standings has not changed at all.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

What's different from any of our past analysis is that we've now added Tofu to the menu. This is to cater for the vegetarians, as well as the more health conscious eaters.

We're quite surprised to see Tofu made up of 4% of the total orders. 


Broccoli (29%)
Mushroom (27%)
Carrots (18%)
Capsicum (10%)
Pak Choi (9%)
Beansprouts (7%)

Similarly to Proteins, the rankings of our Vegetable options has not changed much. Broccoli and Mushrooms has always been the two top two choices.

The type of Mushrooms we currently use is the Oyster Mushroom.  

Health Fact: Oyster mushrooms have been found to have a relaxation effect on the smooth muscle of the arterial walls, thus effectively lowering blood pressure. (source)

What other vegetables do you think we should at to the menu? Share it in the comments here:

There you have it - all of your Wok It Box orders in October 2018 broken down!

While this post only covers the selections with our customizable menu, we'll be sharing a more in-depth analysis which covers all of our other menu items too - like...

Coca Cola Wings

Bloody Mantou

Have you checked out our FULL MENU?

Yes, we have more than just our customizable stir-fries dude..

In case you're wondering, how do we keep track and collect all the data?

Our Point-Of-Sale (POS) system allows us to break every single box down, so we could dig deeper into the data and make informed decisions. And of course, share it with you guys too.

The POS system we use is a local (GO MALAYSIA!) start-up called StoreHub! We've been with StoreHub since we were a pop-up and it has never given any issues, in fact, it just keeps getting better!

If you're a business owner looking for a reliable POS system, we can definitely recommend them to you. PLUS, we've got a special link that gives you an RM100 discount when you sign up using our link here: ​FREE 14 Day Trial (Storehub)

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