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This is the second edition to our Exhibit series, and today we'll be featuring one of our fave local illustrator on Instagram - Pijures!

Before checking out her work and finding out what makes her artsy brains tick, here's a little bit about Lyn a.k.a Pijures.


Lyn (Pijures), Illustrator

I'm 23 this year and I graduated from Taylors University. I started doing freelance as a designer about 3 years ago during uni, and since then I've worked full-time with a F&B and cosmetics company.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pijures

We first knew about Pijures when we stumbled upon her "Send Noods" illustration on Instagram.

Send Noods - Pijures

C'mon..how can we, Wok It, not relate to that?

Then we saw her profile and just fell in love with..it's witty, clean and slightly edgy. We were in love!

As it turns out, she's also friends with Levi (who was our first Exhibit feature).

So, we got them together and talked about doing a collaboration together..

And here's what she made..

Send Noods - Pijures

Click To Enlarge

Click To Enlarge


We got her to share a little bit more about herself and her work...

1. Why the name Pijures?

'Pijures' is actually a pun for 'pictures' because my nickname is Pij.

Pij is short for pigeon, my spirit animal.

Pij-eon: Spirit Animal

2. At what age and how did you start drawing/illustrating?

I would say when I was in kindergarten, I really loved drawing more than writing.

My childhood hobby was drawing hundreds of comic strips and each panel was the size of an A4 paper. They weren't nicely drawn at all, I just wanted to create really funny and dramatic stories.

3. How would you describe your style?

It's a mix of witty, comical, contemporary, inky, grungy kinda stuff.

4. Can you remember some of your earliest influences?

A lot of Disney animated movies. I still collect DVDs of them.

I'd watch it over and over again as a kid and use it as a reference to draw characters and perspectives.

5. Which illustrators or designers do you admire the most?

I really love Cole Ott (@coleott) and Kurzgesagt’s design team (@kurzgesagt).

Cole Ott's work is just amazing and surreal, especially his animation. Kurzgesagt on the other hand does flat designs with the most satisfying colour palettes.

We love Cole Ott's work too!

6. How much attention do you pay to the feedback of others on your work?

I always ask for feedback before posting something on IG because sometimes my brain will play tricks on me and ask me to accept the work as it is and move on already.

Design and art is pretty subjective and everyone has their own taste and style that they like, but I still love to hear what other people think.

7. What is your preferred software/tools to be doing your work?

Ever since my Wacom tablet broke, I have been using Procreate on my iPad to do my illustrations.

Procreate has pretty much all I need when it comes to illustrating, it's basically like pen and paper but digital.

8. Is there any particular time in the day that you will feel most inspired and how do you deal with that when you have full-time job?

Ideas just come and go throughout the day for me especially when I'm alone and blasting music in my ears.

But if I do get an idea or inspiration at work I would just have to wait anxiously until i get home to draw it. 

I've drawn while driving before. Don't do that.

9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

I was reading an interview of an illustrator based in NY named Jennet Liaw and she told illustrators and designers to “Put in those unseen hours.”

Those words stuck in my head ever since and it has motivated me to create more for myself and keep that creative juice flowing no matter how busy I am.

10. What’s your proudest moment as designer/illustrator so far?

Oh man I can't decide.

There was this pretty big mural I did last year but the best yet would have to be this logo I designed back in my uni days which was printed on an aircraft. It's insanely huge.

It was for an aviation firm based in Australia and I thought "nah they'll never really use it", until I was sent a video of it already printed on.

Though there’s quite a lot I’d change about it because I was an amateur, but still it’s really cool to know that someone has so much confidence in my work.

We'd be stoked to see our work on a plane too!

Want More of Pijures?

Disclaimer: All of the work displayed here are under the ownership of @pijures, she has the right to take action should any of her work has been found to be used without her permission.

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