Exhibit: The Kick Ass Work of Levi Giant – Illustrator

This is a start of a new series on our blog called, Exhibit, where we feature talents that we've  had the privilege to get to know or work with.

To kick things off with the series, we've got one of our favourite illustrators on Instagram - Levi Giant!


Levi Giant, Illustrator

A human aged 25, originally from Indonesia and graduated from Taylor's University. Have been dabbling in the trade as a freelancer between 2013-2016 and is now attached full-time with OhMostWanted cosmetics as a 'Creative'.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/levigiant
Behance: www.behance.net/levigiant

So, the story goes..

We've known Levi for a quite awhile already, and we've always appreciated his work. We loved his work so much that we actually have an Instagram Saved folder just for his work!

Then sometime in September 2018, we started talking about having his work on our walls - like for real!

Plus, we've always wanted to start our Wok It Exhibit, where we give homage and the recognition that the talent that we have here, in Malaysia! 

​We had the idea of having him display his previous works...two weeks past, and this is what SICK illustration he came up with...

The Wok Kid!

The Might Wok-Kid!

Click Image to Enlarge

Fun Fact: Levi was actually one of our first customers when we first opened up our Subang outlet.

Here was a guy sitting at our shop with an ice cold Coca-Cola for hours, his eyes rarely moved away from his laptop screen - relentlessly working.

Being the kepoh-chi people that we are, we took a glimpse of his screen and was blown away at what he was working on!

On that day, he was actually working on the OhMostWanted logo that you see today. 

Nora Danish @ OhMostWanted

Nora Danish - OhMostWanted

Who Is Levi Giant?

We dug his brain and got a glimpse into what influences the art...

1. Why the name Levi Giant?

I hate the fact that I'm so skinny and small. Having named myself Giant do ease my hatred.

Also, I feel like Giant rhymes with my last name; Jaya.

2. At what age and how did you start drawing/illustrating?

Since I was 4 years old actually.

I used to draw comics a lot.

3. How would you describe your style?

My graphic style is digital vintage. There were no perfect solid lines and minimize the amount of colours in 1 canvas. I also took a lot of reference from Japanese graphic style; Loud, menacing, functional, and appealing.

4. Can you remember some of your earliest influences?

It started with some Old Manga like Akira or Action Boy. In terms of graphic style mostly I was influenced from old Chinese medicine or oil packaging. They are all vintage and still influences me till now.

5. Which illustrators or designers do you admire the most?

I love Fahmi Rheza (@kuasasiswa) and my lecturer Vinod Nair (@vinodsfakestagram).

They both have strong sense in Graphic design that it's more than just a form of art.

You can save the world with graphic design!

6. How much attention do you pay to the feedback of others on your work?

Audience's opinion do matters to me.

I really look through the comments and likes on my main platform; Instagram and they are matters in terms of what will I draw (print) next.

7. How do you choose the movie posters that you want to remake?

I already did put some in mind before drawing them because watching movies is one of my hobby.

Not necessarily popular one because I'm very particular about which movies to watch.

I also gave some movie reviews so thus movies i drew were the movies that has good reviews from me.

8. What is your preferred software/tools to be doing your work?

Nothing special; Photoshop with drawing tablet.

I do some simple doodle as sketch for the idea before begin with digital drawing.

It's kinda freedom for me. I don't even have sketchbook because I draw in any piece of papers i found.

9. Is there any particular time in the day that you will feel most inspired and how do you deal with that when you have full-time job?

When i'm on the way home in train. I barely looking at my phone and instead, I listen to music and see the view.

The thoughts come in like bisons in Lion King.

10. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Nothing to do with design but it's from a movie MEMENTO;

"We all need mirrors to remind ourselves of who we are"

11. What’s your proudest moment as a designer/illustrator so far?

Recently I can say i'm kind of proud when people got to wear my Godzilla T-shirt design and feel happy taking pictures with it.

Want More of Levi Giant?

Disclaimer: All of the work displayed here are under the ownership of @levigiant, he has the right to take action should any of his work has been found to be used without his permission.

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