Stats: What Most People Ordered in January 2019!

Ever since we started, even as a pop-up..

We've always been data-driven..

What stays on the menu and how we deliver the Wok It Experience - is all based on data and the feedback that we get.

In other words, the Wok It Experience has always been about YOU - The Customer!

If you had your Wok It Experience in January 2019, then you make up part of the numbers that we're about to share..

Here's a look at what you guys ordered in January 2019:

Here's What You Ordered in January 2019..


Salted Egg (29%)
Kam Heong (23%)
Mango S. Chilli  (19%)
Tom Yum (14%)
Green Curry (9%)
Asam Pedas (6%)

There's no changes in rankings for sauces this month..

But what concerns us is..

Green curry and Asam Pedas has been below the 10% mark in a few consecutive months already

Perhaps it's time for a change?


White Rice (29%)
Brown Rice (28%)
Kway Teow (19%)
Laksa (13%)
Yellow Noodles (11%)

Nothing really different here either..

This has been the most consistent breakdown of Carbs since the early days..

"Non-Carbs" Carbs
We've been getting requests for a "non-carb" carb options and we've testing on two:

(a) Cauliflower Rice

(b) Zucchini Noodles

Which would you rather see on our menu?

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Chicken (32%)
Beef (27%)
Prawns (22%)
Squid (11%)
Tofu (5%)
Cockles (2%)

No changes in rankings here either..

What's interesting is the fact that..

12% of you ordered prawns as your add-on proteins..

Yes, in case you didn't know you could add a second portion of protein for just RM1 😉


Broccoli (30%)
Mushroom (27%)
Carrots (17%)
Capsicum (10%)
Pak Choi (9%)
Beansprouts (6%)

It's safe to say that we've found a consistent combination for all categories..

There's no change in rankings with the Veges that you guys choose either..

Fun Fact: The Chinese have known the benefits of bean sprouts for centuries. Nobles in ancient China ate them for rejuvenation and healing.

Beans were also brought along on long sea voyages, where they were sprouted and eaten while at sea, to prevent scurvy.. (source)

There you have it..

A quick rundown of what we're most known for with our menu - our customizable Wok It boxes.

With over 2,000 possible combinations, that's a lot of data to go through but we enjoy it - it feels like we're reading your minds! 🤩

It is however, not the only item on our menu - our menu has since expanded!

Have you checked out our FULL MENU?

Yes, we have more than just our customizable stir-fries dude..

We recently added a new category to our menu - the Wok It Bowls!


Crispy deep fried chicken coated in our special sauces - Orange or Kam Heong - and served over steamed white rice and topped with a yolky fried egg.

We first introduced it in conjuction with #GoingXiRiuh and here's how they both compared head vs head

Orange Chicken


Kam Heong

We've been serving this all throughout February too..

and just like everything else on our menu..

let's see if the data says it deserves a spot on our menu - permanently!

That pretty much wraps up our analysis of all your orders in January 2019. 

Are you enjoying the content that we share so far?

If yes, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

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