“Believe In Yourself” – Ameera Fazla, Wok It


Who runs the world? GIRLS!

..and that includes Wok It, cause did you know?

Two out of the three owners of Wok It are women!

AJ & Mia - The 2 #GirlBoss of Wok It

In this post we'll be getting to know more about Ameera Fazla or as we all call her - Mia!

To you regulars, her smiling face is what usually greets you as you at the counter.

She's also the first person you'll meet once you join the Wok Squad!

"Believe in Yourself"

Ameera Fazla, Co-Owner
Wok It Sdn Bhd

After graduating with a degree in Journalism and..

..with no working experience, she jumped straight into the world of being an entrepreneur and in the challenging F&B industry too..

While Mia wasn't one of the actual Founders of Wok It but she has been with Wok It from the beginning!

Similarly to AJ, Mia started out just helping out the boys at Wok It and grew together with it.

Mia now handles Operations together with AJ and also all the HR functions of the company.

We caught up with her and got her to share what her journey has been like as a female entrepreneur..as a female leader and what inspires her to keep moving forward!

1. How would you describe yourself in three words?

  • Funny
  • Organized
  • Talkative

2. How did you find yourself doing what you do now?

I have never thought that I would be a business owner but weirdly enough, Wok It has been a dream come true for me..

I started out helping the two co-founders, Ashraf and Meor, when Wok It was just a pop-up. That was how the journey began.

Three years later, who knew that I would know I'm a co-owner of Wok It and it is now operating in two outlets..

..and I am proud of what it has achieved today.

3. With no background in F&B, what made you jump into the challenging F&B industry?

I believe that it was an interesting career move for me.

I have a degree in Journalism and I have always enjoyed meeting people. 

The F&B industry is a platform where I am able to communicate with new people through food.

The food that is served at Wok It has always been about the people, the voice of what people want to eat.

With that said, we want to wok what you want.

That is why I chose to be in this industry.

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4. What is it like to be jumping into business - without any prior working experience?

Interesting and challenging at the same time. It was a whole new space for me to discover and attain knowledge.

It has given me the chance to embrace the world of the unknown.

5. Who is your biggest role model/inspiration?

My mother.

She has shown me that with great determination and hard work..

..anything is possible.

6. What is the biggest challenge you came across, and how did you handle it?

My biggest challenge was managing people and human behavior. 

At first, it was hard for me to confront and handle conflicts in the work place. Especially with no prior working experience..

However, reading and doing research on human interaction has helped me overcome these issues. 

Attending HR talks and watching videos have also helped me..

Learning from the insights shared by others on their own experiences..has also made me better prepared when the problem occurs or alternatively prevent it from  even happening. 

7. How do you keep your team, partners motivated and keep moving?

I am truly blessed to have a team, the Wok Squad behind me.

Plus, my partners are smart and wonderful individuals.

I believe that bringing great attitude and positive vibes will..

fill the room with motivation and determination to strive for the best.

8. What is women empowerment to you?

I truly believe that every woman on this planet deserves equality regardless of what career path they choose.

We deserve every chance and opportunity in this world to pursue and achieve our dreams.

Whatever it may be!

9. What’s your favourite Wok It Box combination and why?

Laksa + Tom Yum + Beef + Carrots + Mushrooms

This combination gives a burst of texture and is rich in flavour.

The chewiness of the Laksa Noodles..

..the crunchiness of the carrots, juicy beef, the earthy taste of mushrooms..

..and the kick of sourness and spice of the Tom Yum sauce is what my tummy loves the most!

10. If you’re given the chance to speak to many women, what is the most important message that you want to tell them?

Believe in yourself, because with great courage, brings great determination.

That is the fuel that you need to travel the vast fields of possibilities.

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