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New Year, New Collaboration!

In this third edition of our Wok It Exhibit series, we bring you - Darrel Cheong or better known as Ninjamuffeen.

While he may be a graphic designer, he also wears many hats in the startup he's currently working at PLUS having his own side-hustle of a collaborated brand called Kamaboko!


Ninjamuffeen, Graphic Designer

Darrel Cheong a.k.a. Ninjamuffeen is a graphic designer with an interest in illustration. He's been in the field of advertising since 2014 and started a collaborated brand back in 2016 to put his knowledge intro practice.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ninjamuffeen

Behance: www.behance.net/ninjamuffeen

Collab: www.instagram.com/kamabokoofficial

We first came across Ninjamuffeen's work on Instagram (where else right?) 

and we absolutely loved his style..

Here's a few that caught our eye..

His interest in Anime clearly shows in his work..but one thing we always love is how an artist takes in all his influences and then make it his own..

We can totally relate, as that's what we do with the food we serve too..

As the stars align, here's what he came up with for our collaboration:

Who Is Ninjamuffeen?

We got him to share a little bit more about himself and his work..

1. Why the name Ninjamuffeen?

Ninjamuffeen was just a name I came up with back in university.

I had a pretty bad obsession over ninjas thanks to anime.

Muffeen was just supposed to be muffin because I am fat.

2. At what age and how did you start drawing/illustrating?

For as long as I can remember, my father can draw pretty well, he was the one that encouraged me to draw and colour.

3. How would you describe your style?

I don’t think I have a particular style, but i tend to make my artworks clean and cute.

4. Can you remember some of your earliest influences?

Definitely Anime. I remember watching “Flame of Recca” back in the day on “Mega TV”.

I did not even know those cartoons were called Anime then.

5. Which illustrators or designers do you admire the most?

There are so many, but my top three will be Joshua M Smith (@hydrosevenfour) , Benny Gold (@bennygold), Bobby Hundreds (@thehundreds).

6. How much attention do you pay to the feedback of others on your work?

Audience’s opinion does matter to me, especially when it comes to the collaborated brand (@kamabokoofficial).

We always do our best to keep the experience between us and our audience at it’s peak.

7. What is your preferred software/tools to be doing your work?

Adobe illustrator will always be my go to software.

I sometimes work on Photoshop as well but that happens more often on my day job.

8. Is there any particular time in the day that you will feel most inspired and how do you deal with that when you have full-time job?

I will usually write down or do a quick doodle paper even at work. As for dealing with full time job, make time.

I believe anyone in the field of advertising will know that staying back at work is very common. Working on your dream bit by bit is better than not working on it at all.

9. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Keep your head up, and you will do fine.”

That line was given to me by my first employer when he let me go. Hit me right at the heart but it was one of the advices I carry till today.

10. What’s your proudest moment as designer/illustrator so far?

Getting recognized by others while booth-ing in events. It was pretty surreal to know that we actually have followers.

11. 2018 is almost over, any plans already for 2019?

I will be looking to push Kamaboko (@kamabokoofficial) further in 2019, from our previous experience, we feel that it has potential to grow further; it just needs more love and care.

Want More of Ninjamuffeen?

Disclaimer: All of the work displayed here are under the ownership of @ninjamuffeen, he has the right to take action should any of his work has been found to be used without his permission.

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