Wok It Doodle Compilation 1


We've done 7 events since we first started the "Wok It Doodle" fun..

If you've been to any of our events, you're sure to have bumped into one these instructions on the tables.

Here's one from BNGKL..

When we're done for the night, there's nothing better for us than snugging under the duvet and going through the #WokItDoodle hashtag..every post makes us feel so much appreciated, Thank You! 

We thought it'd also be fun to showcase some of your Masterpieces here on our blog.  ‚Äč

Here are 12 Wok It Doodles that we picked quite randomly and listed in no particular order. 

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1. This was our first #WokItDoodle submission!

2. Here, @ahmadjais decided to make full use of our box

A photo posted by Ahmad Jais Khalid (@ahmadjais) on

3. Zaty went minimal with this..love the #siscuba hashtag too! 

A photo posted by Izzati (@zatykefli) on

3. We had a "Malaysia" themed Wok It Doodle at BNGKL's Malaysia Day Special.,,

4. The #healthiernation advocate, Zaida Ibrahim, from Impressed had a go too..

5. Flower Power by @irmelya..

A photo posted by Irmelya Zaid (@irmelya) on

6. @Kekunang's doodle made us want to get a VW Combi! 

A photo posted by @kekunang on

7. @Kekunang described this as "Home"

A photo posted by @kekunang on

8. This reminded us of Majalah Ujang. Still sad to hear of MOY publications's closure. 

A photo posted by ~nurul~ (@nadiah_hisham85) on

10. Can you decipher what's written on this sick doodle

11 Roast & Grind, represent! 

12  Well, what can we say? It's purr-fect!! 

A photo posted by Rong Tau (@rongtau) on

Thank you all for being such a sport in participating and taking the time to squeeze those creative juices unto our box!

For more Wok It Doodles simply search for the #WokItDoodle hashtag on Instagram.

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If you've seen this on your tables before and have totally ignored it. We would like to ask you ,why? 

Was it because:-

  • It didn't catch your attention?
  • The prize wasn't worth it?
  • Deep down you knew you wanted to, but you just didn't take action?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below:- 

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