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We love data here at Wok It

We keep track of everything you order, mainly to help us understand you better

The data we track also gives us the additional benefit of knowing what and how much ingredients to prep in order to meet your needs. Which also means better cost control

Anyway, we thought it would be fun to share the data with you - the very people that make up the numbers! 

We analyzed the numbers at our last event at BNGKL and broke it down below. 

If you're curious to know how you contributed to the numbers or what everyone else ordered..

Read on as we break it down at every single step of our four step menu

Step 1: Carbs

27 %
22 %
White Rice
21 %
Kway Teow
16 %
15 %
Brown Rice

When it comes to Carbs, it seems that it's a close competition. Noodles seems to be the most popular choice while brown rice was the least popular. 

We added Brown Rice as we've had so many requests for it from you - our loyal customers.  

To be honest, we were quite surprised of the take-up on Brown Rice,  as this was the first event that we actually introduced it.

We think that the he numbers do justify it being a permanent option on our menu. So, Yeay! 

This is after all what we're all about - Your Box, Your Way

This also gives an indication that 15% of our customers are probably health conscious.

Which gives us an opportunity to help shape our menu to better cater to ALL

What we also got from the data was that not many people know how good Laksa is when Stir-Fried. 

Or maybe they just don't know how good it is the Wok It way. ​:)

Perhaps you should give either Brown Rice and/or Laksa a try next time. Just click the button below to know where we'll be next. 

Step 2: Proteins

31 %
29 %
20 %
12 %
7 %

With proteins, the favourites were pretty obvious. Chicken takes the cake with beef not far behind (2% difference). 

Chicken and beef were clear favourites!

What's interesting is that we thought seafood was going to be more popular.

Our estimates couldn't have been more far off from the numbers we collected. But it was.  

This served as a good reminder - don't ignore the data! We prepped based on gut rather than on data this time around.

And our "Master of Coin" wasn't too happy with that. Understandbly why. 

It was no surprise that Cockles was the least popular choice. We understand that it  doesn't go with most Carbs except Kway Teow.

However, we also know that to some people Kway Teow just isn't complete without Cockles. So, we're keeping it on but at less quantities.  

Step 3: Vegetables

29 %
23 %
20 %
10 %
8 %
Snow Peas

As for vegetables, it clearly shows that you guys have expensive taste! The top three choices were all imported vegetables. 

A majority of you picked Mushrooms (29%), while Capsicum (23%) and Broccoli (20%) were the second and third most popular choice. ​

The two favourites after Mushroom (29%)

Since you get to choose two different vegetables with our standard box (vs 1 Carb/Protein/Sauce), the distribution is slightly different with the data .

This makes it a bit more complicated to analyze. Ok, no not really. We just need to divide the total orders of each vege by twice the amount of boxes sold to get the percentage. 

But essentially, we also need to analyze which is the most popular combination of the 2 veges. But, Nanti lah...

Anyway, we were quite surprised that not many of you opted for Snow Peas. We thought it was going to be a hit when we added it.

Simply because, we loved it ourselves.

Snow Peas adds a nice crunch AND a sweet surprise of the oozing juices of the peas as you bite its soft texture. A nice delicate counter to the crunch

How could you say no to that?

But again, the data tells us everything. We might leave it on  our menu for the time being and help promote it even more. ​

Maybe it's just something new that most people aren't familiar with with their Stir Fries - which means more effort needs to be made in educating customers

Or maybe it's just not what you guys want. ​Let's see what the data tells us in the next few events. 

Step 4: Sauce

33 %
Thai Basil
31 %
Mango S.Chilli
30 %
Spicy Peanut

It was a pretty even match-up when it comes to the sauces. 

​After a few weeks of testing and tweaking our two new sauces, Thai Basil and Mango Sweet Chilli, we're happy to see that it's all well received by most of you. 

We've had great feedback from you guys on both of our new sauces!

It was even more popular than our all-time favourite, Spicy Peanut sauce, too!

Needless to say, the data tells us that these three sauces are a mainstay on our menu - Period! 

Proud to say that we've potentially found the three permanent sauces on our menu..Thanks to all of you!

"But wait, the numbers don't add up to 100% - what's the deal?"​

The 6% difference is actually for our "Secret" sauce.

Not many people know that it exists, but we do have a special sauce - at limited quantities - just for rice (white or brown). 

6 %
"Secret" Sauce

If you're part of the 94% who doesn't know of this sauce, maybe you should hang out with us more! 😉 

Let's hang out - click the button below to find out where we'll be next:

That just about wraps up today's post. Hope you enjoyed going through the actual breakdowns of your ACTUAL orders

If you think we should continue to publish these stats for our future events, please let us know in the comments section below. 

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