Wok Tour: #WokItDoodle Compilation


November 30, 2015 in Fun

When we first introduced the #WokItDoodle fun, where you get to doodle your box at every one of our event, we really didn't know if it was going to pick up or not. 

Now, after 15 events of having it - we're still amazed at all your amazing artwork! 

​We still had it on for our November Wok Tour, and after 8 events here are some of the masterpieces that you guys came up with! 

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1. By @Spiderpiq (at BNGKL)

A photo posted by afiq razak (@spiderpiq) on

2. By @OtakTakCenter (at Mollydooker's)

A photo posted by Susu (@otaktakcenter) on

3. By @WineAndDineTLC (at Mollydooker's)

4. By @Eppydeace (at Mollydooker's)

A photo posted by Amir Rosdi (@eppydeace) on

5. By @WineAndDineTLC (at Mollydooker's)

6. Here's a special one by the one and only - @Annjfr

7. By @fifirozimi (at Grind 22)

A photo posted by fifi (@fifirozimi) on

7. A tribute the Paris tragedy that we managed to save before going to the bin at Grind 22

8. By @Syidazaidon (at Grind 22)

9. By @Eppydeace (at BNGKL)

A photo posted by Amir Rosdi (@eppydeace) on

10. By @Muzmansor (at Souka)

Tried WokIt for the first time and it was good! Friendly service as well. #WokItDoodle

A photo posted by Muz (@muzmansor) on

11. By @Danieljamal (at Souka)

We see what you did there 😉 @danieljamal #WokIt #WokItMY #WokItDoodle

A photo posted by Wok It by Stuffed (@wokit.my) on

12. By @wootman99 (at Souka)

Done eating. Time to doodle!!! 😀 #WokItDoodle @wokit.my

A photo posted by Muhammad Faiz Bin Rusli (@wootman99) on

13. By @ilaamokhtar (at Souka)

A photo posted by Wok It by Stuffed (@wokit.my) on

14. By @asyrfnsir (at Thursdvys)

A video posted by Asyraf Nasir (@asyrfnsir) on

15. An NSFW submission we got privately (at Mollydooker's)

Click below for the uncensored version..note, it's rather detailed 😉 

Warning: Please click only if you're above 18!

These are only some of the #WokItDoodle submissions that we've got. We know that there are plenty more as we often find them in the bin.

Here's some that we managed to capture before going to the bin:

A photo posted by Wok It by Stuffed (@wokit.my) on

We can also see you doodling away from behind the counter. 

Unfortunately, if your account is private - we can't see them! ​

Regardless, it always gives the Wok It team a kick seeing you guys doodling and sometimes running around trying to find the spot with the best lighting! 

We can't thank you enough for being a sport and joining the #WokItDoodle fun. 

There's more to come..so, stay tuned! ​

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