All Your Orders – Analyzed! (January 2016)

How time flies, we're already a month into 2016! 

2015 was a kick ass year for us, it was the year we got our start and we're ecstatic over the response we've received from all of you and will be forever grateful for your support. 

Here's a quick recap of how we did in 2015:

30 Events
7001 Boxes Served

Riding on our success in 2015 (we deem it as a success, at least), we've got even bigger plans for 2016!

We kicked off 2016 with our crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our first permanent place up and running at Grind 22, Bangsar. More on our crowdfunding campaign here

While we're running our crowdfunding campaign, we've also been popping up at Grind 22, Bangsar every Friday night last January. 

​We call it Stir-Frydays! You know we love our puns ;)  

By popping up at Grind 22, we hope that we can give you a good picture of how awesome it would be when we have moved in permanently. 

Altogether, we popped up over three Fridays last January. 

And in true Wok It fashion, we've taken a dive into all all your orders and scrutinised them. 

Here's a quick analysis of what you guys ordered in those three days:-​

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Step 1: Carbs

Noodles (31%)
Laksa (22%)
Kuey Teow (21%)
White Rice (16%)
Brown Rice (10%)

As always, there's no surprises here as Yellow Noodles (31%) takes the top spot when it comes to Carbs. Followed by Laksa (22%) and Kuey Teow (21%). 

​It seems about 3/4 of you prefer noodles over rice with white and brown rice which makes up the balance 26%. 

The numbers seems consistent with our previous analysis during our Wok tour (here). 

But again, these figures can be skewed. Why? Because we were sold out for two out of those three nights. This means that the numbers will reflect what we prepped for the night. 

What we prepped is based on past data, which may have changed as we get new customers, people finding a new favourites after a couple of times, etc. 

This is now in our to-do list: "Find a better way to collect data for carbs (with minimal losses and wastage)".

Step 2: Proteins

Beef (31%)
Prawns (28%)
Chicken (22%)
Squid (12%)
Cockles (7%)

The top 3 for proteins remains the same but with slightly different positions. 

While Chicken used to share the top spot with beef, it's now fallen down the pecking order with Beef being the first choice and Prawns second.

Squid and Cockles remains at the bottom with a slight uptake of 3% for Squid.

Outside of your personal preference, what we've noticed is when it comes to choosing your proteins; there are usually two factors that influence your decisions:-

  • Perceived Value
  • Food Allergies

The two choices at the top are the most expensive ingredients, while we've heard numerous comments saying they're just allergic to seafood. 

Step 3: Vegetables

Mushrooms (33%)
Brocolli (28%)
Capsicum (22%)
Carrots (10%)
Beansprouts (7%)

Your vegetable choices has remained unchanged - for the most part. 

We changed things up by replacing Kailan and Bak Choy with Carrots. ​This change was made based on your votes here:

What do you think, what other types of veggies should we try next on our menu? 

Step 4: Sauces

Mango S.Chilli (27%)
Spicy Peanut (24%)
Salted Egg (24%)
Thai Basil (17%)
Dry Curry (10%)

Now, on to our favourite part - the Sauces!

This is where we spend most of our time testing and perfecting. Our sauce is after all what really sets us apart from the average Mee Goreng Mamak or the Char Kuey Teow from the Uncle down the road. 

So this is where we pay most attention to amongst all the data that we collect. 

While the spread among the sauces was pretty even before, there are clear favourites this time around. Mango Sweet Chilli takes the cake while Dry Curry was the least favourite

We also introduced a new sauce this January!

Getting in the whole salted rage in Klang Valley, we introduced our own Salted Egg sauce. 

We're glad we did as the data speaks for itself, with it sharing second spot with former all-time favourite, Spicy Peanut!

We remember seeing the excitement on some of your faces too when we told you we've got Salted Egg as a new sauce. Yes, we do notice the little things. 🙂 

What surprised us was really the big drop with Thai Basil and Dry Curry. 

We've had quite a number of new customers, Wok It virgins, this January. Most often that not, they will ask for us for recommendations.

The recommendations we give depends on who mans the counter on that day. He/she may have "sold" the sauces based on their own personal recommendation. 

​We're not saying that this is THE determining factor but there's a small possibility that it might influence what you ordered. 

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Shake It Got A New Base!” orientation=”left”]

We tested something different with our Shake It by changing it's base

You can still add as much seasonings as you like, just like before. 

But instead of mushrooms as it's base, we changed it to Chicken Bombs this January. ​

The feedback that we've received has been encouraging, but we would love to hear your thoughts..

Which do you prefer? Chicken or mushrooms? Cast your votes below...​

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[thrive_headline_focus title=”What Drinks Did You Pair Wok It With?” orientation=”left”]

We sibuk-sibuk and took a peek at what drinks you guys ordered the last event (29th Jan 2016).

Since the drinks are Grind 22 territory, we can't really share it with you in full detail. 

But what we can do is to break it down between coffee and non-coffee based drinks. 

Here's what you guys chose to pair your Wok It meals with:​

59 %
Coffee Based
41 %
Non-Coffee Based

Looks like you guys preferred coffee based drinks. Well, it is a coffeeshop after all. 

While we can't share the full breakdown, we can however tell you what is Grind 22's best selling drink. 

It's their signature - Nona Latte! 

The Nona Latte is our favourite drink here at Grind 22 too. If you haven't tried it, this should definitely be your next drink at Grind 22. 

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There you have it folks, all of your orders last January - analysed! 

If you've been to Wok It @ Grind 22 last January, we would seriously love to hear your thoughts and feedback. That's what the comment section is for at the bottom of this post. 

So feel free to share how your "Wok It Experience" was at Grind 22, Bangsar below. 

PS:- If you haven't checked out our crowdfunding campaign to #MakeWokItPermanent at Grind 22, Bangsar. You can do so by clicking here

PSS: If you have checked it out, it would mean the world to us if you shared it with your friends and family too. 

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