Get More Value Out Of Your Hard-Earned Money with our online vouchers

Here's How It Works...

For every voucher you buy, we will be splitting the total value in multiples of RM 10.

The vouchers will be in the form of a unique promo code (you tell us what you want it to be).

Why? So you could also share it with your friends &family! 

For example: Mak Cik Kiah bought the RM50 voucher (and saves RM10).

 She gets a unique promo code (eg: KIAH50) which gives RM10 OFF per usage and can be used 5 times (RM50 value). She can then share with her friends & family.

There's also no pressure to utilize the promo code all at once as it will be valid until 31 December 2020.

Click below to get More Savings out of your vouchers!

Wok It Online Vouchers

Simply click on the value of vouchers you wish to purchase and choose "Pick-Up" when you checkout. We will then drop you an e-mail with your unique promo code.

RM30 Voucher

You Pay RM24 (Save RM6)

RM50 Voucher

You Pay RM40 (Save RM10)

Best Selling!

RM100 Voucher

You Pay RM75 (Save RM25)

Most Value!

RM200 Voucher

You Pay RM140 (Save RM60)

Terms & Conditions:

  • The vouchers can be redeemed at out our Online Store (
  • Your voucher will be in the form of a unique promo code which gives you RM10 OFF your order per usage
  • You can also share this promo code to your friends & family
  • The promo code is valid until 31st Dec 2020
  • The voucher/promo code cannot be exchanged for cash

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