Help us make Wok It Permanent!

We're currently short of RM10,000 and we need your help...

By purchasing a future meal TODAY, you will help us in making this a reality..

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How you can help in making Wok It permanent?

We’re currently short of RM10,000 to make Wok It permanent!

Rather than going to the bank, we thought of a brilliant idea of raising this amount by going to you - the very people that have shaped Wok It to what it is today.

By purchasing a meal NOW and redeeming it later you will help us with the funds we need to give YOU the “Wok It Experience on a daily basis, a reality!

The crowdfunding campaign will be hosted on Malaysia's top crowdfunding platform - pitchIN!

How To 3 Easy Steps!

You can help make Wok It permanent by purchasing a future meal - TODAY!

​Here are the different pledge options that you could make:

The higher the pledge, the bigger the rewards. We've tried our best to make it a "Win-Win" for everyone. 

  • You will receive your rewards when we have moved to Grind 22 permanently
  • Your rewards will be in voucher form (sent electronically via e-mail) and will be valid for a full year and can only be redeemed at Grind 22, Bangsar. 

Ready to make Wok It permanent? You can help make this a reality by simply clicking the green button below. 

Where will the new permanent place be? 

We’re working together with Grind 22 who’s located at 22, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar to make Wok It permanent!

22, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, 50400,

Kuala Lumpur

Why is the new place at Grind 22, Bangsar? 

On our Wok Tour last November, one of our pitstops was at Grind 22, Bangsar.

That day, we invited a friend to come and shoot random videos for us. Turns out he did an awesome job by asking people if we needed a permanent place.

And after watching this clip of what we thought was an invitation from the boys from Grind 22, both of us started talking..

A few weeks later, we had this as the first concept of how it’s all going to look.


(Thanks to Inches Design Malaysia)

What is the progress so far? 

It was a mad rush to get the place up and running in such a short period of time, here’s where we’re at so far

We’re just about 15% away from giving you a whole new experience - good coffee, great food, an awesome place and of course, friendly service!

But as with any construction projects, there are bound to be cost overruns. Even with provisions in place, the actual cost still exceeded our initial budget.

After doing the numbers, we realised we needed to raise at least RM10,000 to get us across the finish line.

Here's where we need you...

Help Wok It Get a Permanent Home...

You can help us get a permanent home by simply purchasing a future meal TODAY and redeeming it later. Click the button below to get started..

P.S.: We've included lots of savings and extra goodies for YOUR future meals too - Trust us, the future you will thank you for it!